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West Angeles Honors the Life of Apostle Frederick K.C. Price

THE WEST ANGELES FAMILY has recently lost a dear friend, and the world has lost a faithful servant of the Lord. On Westa.org, we honor the life of Apostle Frederick K.C. Fred Price.

Apostle Frederick K.C. Price was the founder of Crenshaw Christian Center (CCC) in Los Angeles, CA. A prolific, visionary author, Apostle Price wrote 50 books on faith, healing, prosperity and the Holy Spirit. His book How Faith Works is a classic manual on the operation of faith and its life-changing principles. He passed away in February of 2021 from complications of COVID-19.

Frederick K.C. Price was born in 1932 in Santa Monica, CA. He was the eldest son of Winifred and Frederick Price, Sr., a Los Angeles business-owner. He attended Dorsey High School, where he met his beloved wife, Betty, and he went on to attend Los Angeles City College. He received an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Oral Roberts University in 1982.


In February 1970, Price received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, which marked the commencement of his ministry. That same year, he joined the neo-charismatic movement, and, with his wife Betty, co-founded the Crenshaw Christian Center in the Crenshaw section of West Los Angeles, CA.

West Angeles Honors the Life of Apostle Frederick K.C. Price bishop blake first lady may L blake apostle and first lady betty price

West Angeles Honors the Life of Apostle Frederick K.C. Price – L to R: Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr., First Lady Mae L. Blake, First Lady Betty Price, and Apostle Frederick K.C. Price.

By 1973, his church had grown to 300 members, which required a move to a larger sanctuary in Inglewood, CA. As membership continued to grow and additional services were added, Apostle Price oversaw the construction of a new sanctuary on the former site of Pepperdine University. Nicknamed the “Faith Dome,” the 10,000-seat sanctuary became the largest domed church in the United States. It would house a predominantly African American congregation which had now developed into a world-renowned ministry of 28,000.

In 1978, after receiving instruction from God, Frederick K.C. Price launched the Ever Increasing Faith Ministries (EIFM) television broadcast in five major television markets. In 1990, Apostle Price founded the Fellowship of Inner-City Word of Faith Ministries (FICWFM), and in 2001, he established an East Coast church, Crenshaw Christian Center East.

EIFM can still be viewed on television stations in all 50 states and in several countries worldwide. Apostle Price can also be heard on numerous radio programs, internet broadcasts, and on most social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.


In 2008, Apostle Price was publicly affirmed as an Apostle of Faith. Under the mantle of the gift of teaching, Apostle Price established several schools of ministry and formal education at CCC. Among them are the Frederick K.C. Price III Christian Schools (preschool to 12th grade), the Ministry Training Institute, a CCC Correspondence School, the Frederick K.C. Price School of the Bible, and in 2008, he established the Apostle Price Ministry Training Center.

Over the years, Apostle Price received many prestigious awards, most notably the Horatio Alger Award and the Kelly Miller Smith Interfaith Award. He served as the Presiding Prelate of both CCC West and CCC East, and as the chairman of CCC’s Board of Directors for many years. After more than 35 years of service, in 2009, Apostle Price stepped aside as pastor to formally install his son, Frederick K. Price Jr., as his successor.

A devout husband, Apostle Frederick K.C. Price was married to his high school sweetheart, Dr. Betty Price, for 67 years. He passed away on February 12, 2021, due to complications of the COVID-19 virus. He is survived by his wife, their four children, ten grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. Apostle Frederick K.C. Price will be greatly missed in the Los Angeles community, and around the world.west angeles logo

Below, watch as Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr. shares a beautiful message about his friend, Apostle Frederick K.C. Price: