Mobile Streaming

Ladies and Gentlemen, Saints of the Most High God:

I am proud to announce that West Angeles Church now has mobile streaming!! This was put in place a few months back while we continued to test and see how it worked. “Didn’t we already have that?” You may ask. We had the means to stream to your Android devices without additional software needed however for the Apple devices we encouraged you to install Skyfire to view West Angele’s Services online. Long story short, all you need to do now from any browser, from any machine, from any where in the WORLD is simply type in Westa.TV and you can have access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We praise God for having a visionary CEO and Pastor, Bishop Charles E. Blake, who propels us to be innovative and a COO, Gladys Ross, who leads us to push the envelop in technological ingenuity.

Warm Regards,

Sister Antoinette R. Banks
Lead Website Manager,

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