Staff Spotlight

Paula Southern

West Angeles has always been a beacon of spirituality as the flagship church within the Church of God In Christ.

West Angeles has also been an institution in the Crenshaw community, and over the years, the church has been known for the timeless teachings of Bishop Charles E. Blake Sr., as well as its rockin’ choirs and generation-defining vocal talents.

We know the support system of every organization are its people, this being no less accurate at West Angeles. The often unseen backbone of West Angeles is its staff.

There are 150 staff members at West Angeles, who come from various backgrounds. Some are banking executives, some are community organizers, and some are musicians, chefs or actors, who have come from far and wide to add value and make West Angeles the vanguard ministry it is today.

The goal of the STAFF SPOTLIGHT series is to shed light on the people who do the tireless work of making West Angeles the impeccable house of worship that it is year after year.

Paula Southern

Call the main line of West Angeles and you will very likely be greeted by the warm, loving voice of Paula Southern.

A majority of the church has worked closely with Paula on many projects, and her warm countenance that is felt over the phone is just as awesome in real life.

Here are five facts about Paula Southern:

  • Born and Raised

    Ms. Paula is very proud to be a native Angeleno. In fact, her grandfather was born in Los Angeles in 1903! And each member since has been born in Los Angeles since. 

  • Southern Legacy

    Paula is a great grandmother! She has two children, two grandchildren, and two great grandchildren.

  • Love For West Angeles

    Paula loves working at West Angeles!

    “I belonged to a small Lutheran church on Adams,” Paula said. “I used to drive by West Angeles and see the lines, and wonder what was going on. Then, one day in October 2005, I visited West Angeles and loved it. So I became a member and starting working as the Church Operator in November 2005.”

    Her former church was basically only open on Saturdays and Sundays. But at West Angeles, if people need prayer, if they need assistance, if they need counseling, West A has those options 24/7. 

    “I love being able to transfer our callers to someone who will be able to help.”

  • She’s Official

    Paula became a licensed Evangelist Missionary in 2011. She is the chair of the West Angeles District Missionaries Ablaze and works closely with our District Ministries.

  • Prayer Line

    Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the West Angeles Conference Call Prayer Line was established in March 2020, with the help of Paula.

    “I am very involved with the Line. We pray Monday through Friday, noon to 1 p.m. And anyone who would like to join us is welcomed.”

    The number is 425-436-6329, and the access code is 329781#.

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