The reflections of the Disciple Stephen in Acts 7 are the focus of Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake Sr.’s sermon titled, Where Is Your Heart?

“In the text,” said Bishop, “Deacon Stephen, who spoke the words of the text, brings back to memory some of the most despicable and disgraceful incidents and sentiments of all the history of the children of Israel.”

Although they’d survived the famine, they continued to dwell in Egypt, rather than return to The Promised Land. As a result, “they endured terrible, terrible experiences,” Bishop Blake said. “They endured attempts at genocide, attempts at race extermination…The Egyptians despised them, did everything they could to make their lives miserable.”

Said Bishop, “Tell your neighbor, ‘Don’t stay in Egypt too long.’”

Hear the entire sermon Where Is Your Heart? HERE, on West Angeles’ Gospel On Demand. Highlights from the sermon follow:

“You would do well to find out how [a person] feels about your God before you establish any kind of relationship with them.”

“If they don’t love the God you love, believe in Jesus like you do, and stand on the Word of God and let the word guide them and direct their lives…it ain’t going to work!”

“When somebody hates you, but at the same time has complete control over you, there’s no limit to the… indignities that you may endure.”

“The place that was their blessing had become their literal curse.”

“We cleave to the blessing rather than cleave to God Himself.”

“I don’t know what kind of mess you might be in. I don’t know what kind of dilemma you might face. But I know that God is able to deliver you out of it.”

“There are some things that only the Lord can fix.” – Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake

“If you look toward the Lord and begin to call on God, God knows how to set you free.”

“I see somebody coming out of their dilemma right now, coming out that which restrains them and holds them.”

“The Israelites began to call on God, and began an 80-year process of deliverance.”

“Great and wonderful miracles were performed by God that his people might be free.”

“After all of this…they would look back into Egypt, rather than forward into Canaan.”

“Where the heart leads, the person will follow.” – Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr.

“When God does not direct the heart, the heart always turns in the wrong direction.”

“Don’t follow your heart. Your heart will get you in trouble if It’s not enlightened by the spirit of Almighty God.”

“How many of you can look back on times when you followed your heart, and wish you had told your heart to shut up and leave you alone?”

“If you are living for God, you’ve got to expect that there’s going to be trouble.”

“The devil doesn’t want to lose you and whenever you begin to walk with God, he tries to throw some stumbling blocks in your way and hold you back.”

“Remember where you’ve come from…think of everything that God has done for you, how God has brought you out and brought you over.”

“Remember the investment that God has made in Jesus Christ who died for your sins.”

“Say, down in your heart, ‘God has done too much for me for me to turn around now.’”

“God is your source.”

“He’s still able to heal your body to deliver you to make a way to bring you out. If He did it before, He can do it again!”

“If God is in your life, you’re destined to win!”

“When I come to a trial, I’m going to praise Him!”

“Reaping time is on the way! Stop complaining and start praising Almighty God!”

“None of those who went into the wilderness made it into the Promised Land. God waited [for] a whole new generation of praisers, a whole new generation of worshipers, a whole new generation of faithful men.”

“How many new generation folk are here today? Anybody have their minds made up ‘I’m going to serve Him?’”

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