SERMON: Bishop Blake Teaches Progress, Maturity, and Growth in the Spirit

“Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord, 3 as His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness” – 2 Peter 1:2-3

“One of the most tragic things in life is for a person to have no ambition; no desire to improve their lot; no desire to rise higher and higher,” said Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake in his Sunday, March 22, 2015 sermon.

The inspiring sermon, aptly titled, “Grow Up,” referenced the fantastic growth rate of the early church, the qualities of the mature believer, and our own ability to grow as individuals.

“When you stop growing, you start dying,” said Bishop Blake. “God’s plan for the things that He loves is growth, development and progress.”

Some of our favorite moments from the sermon follow:

“There are two basic processes that affect the physical man. Those two processes are growth and death.”

“Throughout his life man is either growing or a man is dying…When you stop growing, you start dying.”

“God’s will, God’s plan for the things that He loves is growth, development and progress.”

“Growth, progress and development are embedded into the very heart of humanity.”

“There’s something about a real man and real woman that not only wants to grow physically, but mentally; spiritually…This is why (Giuseppe) Mazzini said, ‘The moral law of the universe is progress.'”

“Margaret Fuller said, ‘I’m suffocated and lost when I don’t have the feeling of progression.’”

“You should strive to do better and to be better, and to do more and to have more, with each passing year.”

“Every per person ought to have goals; objectives for his or her life.”

“Stop waiting for something to drop out of the sky on your head! Success is not going to fall into your lap!”

“The New Testament church was a growing church; it was a thriving church…It was a praying church; it was a unified church. God, help us to be that kind of church!”

“Some people want to be a big fish in a little pond…but how many of you know that ponds have a way of drying up?”

“How many of you are glad to be a part of something great?”

“Our God is too great for us to think small! God is depending on us to do something great for Him!”

“These are the Seven Christian Virtues: virtue, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness, charity. Don’t you know we need these things in the world today?”

“When you grow and add and multiply, that means you’re making progress in the Lord.”

“Standing still is not our option.”

“When you’re mature in God, you’re stable. You’re solid.”

“Some people are easily led astray and led away from the life of the church…God needs some folks who will say ‘I’m gonna stay with God no matter what!'”

“A mature believer has endurance.”

“He may not come when you want Him,  but He’ll be right on time.”

“A tree is not mature because it’s tall; not mature because it’s green.  A tree is mature because it brings forth fruit.”

“If you want to grow, you must be born again.”

“When you accept Him by faith he comes into your life.”

“Faith walks into a world that cannot be touched.”

“Some people never grow because they never feed their spirit…Is there anybody hungry for God and thirsty for God?”

“When you praise Him, your spirit gets stronger and stronger.”

“If you want to get built up, stand on the faith of the Bible.”

“Some folks don’t grow because they have no power…but Jesus said, ‘You shall receive power!'”

“Jesus is the baptizer!”

“Neighbor, if He saved you, He wants to fill you with the Holy Ghost.”

“If you want to grow, the Holy Ghost is promised unto you…Tell your neighbor, ‘The Holy Ghost is here right now!'”

“You receive the Holy Ghost by faith…Lift up your hands and say, ‘Lord, by faith I receive it!'”

“Faith takes hold of the promise.”

“If the word of God says it, faith believes it!”

“Lord, thank you for sending the Holy Ghost into the world today!”


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