SERMON: Bishop Pate Prophesies “Timeless Testimony”


Bishop Dwight Pate’s prophetic sermon brought the West Angeles congregation to their feet in thunderous applause on Sunday, January 31, 2016. He began with a vision he received over 40 years ago in which Black men and women in inner city America rise up to “set the moral standard for the end of time.”

The sermon began with scripture from the book of Mark in which a woman honors Jesus by pouring valuable oil over him. “It’s time to break the box!” said Bishop Pate, who prophesied that Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. and West Angeles Church of God In Christ are “going to play the paramount role in what God is about to do in America” and throughout the rest of the world.

This complete sermon is available on West Angeles Gospel On Demand. Highlights from the sermon follow:

“If you’re going to have a timeless testimony, you’re going to have to be willing to break the customs and traditions of men.”

“Every one of you in here has a place where God wants you to be.”

“You are the message that will echo through eternity.”

“An echo becomes louder as it leaves you.”

“God told me today He’s going to create miracles in this house.”

“People are going to get saved by your life.”

“You cannot let what other folks stop you…from finding your place with God.”

“You cannot let the generation before you stop you from being all that God called you to be.”

“I prophesy that all your seed after you is going to be saved.” – Bishop Dwight Pate

“It’s time to interrupt religious meetings…when men honor the customs and traditions over the will of God.”

“She broke the box!”

“It’s time to break through and find your place in God.”

“I want a testimony that’s going to save my children, and save my grandchildren.”

“I prophesy to all of you who aren’t afraid to get wild. I prophesy that all your seed after you is going to be saved and meet you in heaven, because they’re going to read about your life and how you served God and how you didn’t compromise. And they’re going to get saved because your testimony’s going to be like an echo. It’s going to be just as real to them 100 years from now as it is to you today.”

“You cannot allow other folks to define who you are.”

“You cannot allow people to put labels on you, and put limits on you.”

“I am who God says I am.”

“Sometimes the generation before you doesn’t want you to go further than them.”

“Whoever controls definition controls destiny.” – Bishop Dwight Pate

“The power to define is the battle of the ages.”

“Whoever controls definition controls destiny.”

“There are some folks in this room…you’re going have the power to define a generation.”

“You’re going to have the power to redefine your community.  You’re going to have the power to redefine your business. You’re going to have the power to redefine the anointing that’s on your life.”

“Tradition keeps you full of fear. Why? Tradition has judgement in it.”

“To come out of debt, you cannot fear taking chances.”

“That meeting isn’t for women but the meeting is for purpose. I’m going in this room and fulfill my purpose.”

“Tradition creates a spirit of condemnation.”

“Have you ever been around folks who all they’ve got to speak is what you can’t do?”

“It’s time to break away from the crowd… You’re in a class all by yourself.”

“You are the message that’s passing from time to eternity.  You are the epistle that’s going to be read of men.”

“You cannot allow other folks to define who you are.” – Bishop Dwight Pate

“When you show up, the answer just showed up… When you walk in the room, courage just walked in the room. When you walk in the room, a fearless spirit just walked in the room. When you walk in the room, the power of God just walked in the room. Hallelujah!”

“I prophesy you will be the testimony talked about at the end of time.”

“If Jesus tarries, they’re going to say that these are the days of Bishop Charles Blake; there was a church called West Angeles, and that man and that assembly changed the course of the 21st century.”

“If God can do it for Bishop Blake, He can do it for you!”

“When you understand that God has a plan for your life and a purpose for your life, you can’t let anyone else think for you.”

“God gave you life, but your living comes from your mind.”

“Stop blaming your mess on the devil!”

“If you want it right now, God’s getting ready to ‘ploomp’ you!”

“You are the message that will echo through eternity.” – Bishop Dwight Pate

“You’ve got to seek to be controlled by the Holy Ghost.”

“When you get saved, the power of God moves in your spirit. Everything you’ll ever need is going to come from the inside, because God doesn’t trust anyone else with your destiny but you and Him.”

“I wish there was somebody in here that wasn’t afraid to stand all by yourself. I wish there was somebody in here not afraid to be first!”

“I think somebody’s getting a breakthrough!”

“You’re about to go places where other folks never thought you’d be.”

“It’s time to break the bank and send this ministry around the world.”

“Treasures and hearts end up in the same place.”

“It’s time for God’s people to have the best.”

“Faith gives what it doesn’t have.”

“When you start sowing seed right, God will make the devil leave you for a season.”

“I prophesy that God has saved the best for last: and you’re the best up in here!”

SCRIPTURAL REFERENCES – Mark 14:1-9, Revelation 12:11, Daniel 3:28-29, Mark 16:17-18, Proverbs 21:7, Philippians 1:7, 2:5.

Bishop Dwight Pate of Baton Rouge, LA is an anointed man of God and a preacher for 37 years. He is Pastor of Church Point Ministries, which now includes on its campus a theater for Christian plays. Bishop Pate has been distributing over 13 million bottles of anointed oil which has been a blessing to many. Over the years he has conducted revivals at West Angeles Church of God In Christ, where he also met his wife, Sandra.

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