SERMON: Reverend Albert C. Macklin IV says, “I’m a Survivor”

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The West Angeles congregation was on its feet for the anointed man of God, Reverend Albert C. Macklin IV, who preached the spirit-filled, October 4, 2015 message, “I’m A Survivor.”

Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr. introduced the guest speaker for West Angeles Church of God in Christ’s 8 a.m. service, Reverend Albert C. Macklin IV.

Reverend Macklin, who was born with glaucoma and has been blind since 1998, celebrated, in his opening remarks, the leadership and integrity of Presiding Bishop Blake.

“Bishop Blake leads us in our great fellowship of churches worldwide…One thing the Lord has blessed us with is leadership that shows us what can be done. Our Bishop is a man of excellence, a man that has put in the time in the Kingdom of God, a demonstration to Pastors everywhere to look what you can do when you have faith in God.”

“Just touch somebody and tell ‘em, ‘Sometimes you have to speak victory during your test,’” Bishop Macklin sang mightily. “Tell your neighbor, ‘I’ve got a story to tell. I’ve got a testimony!’”

The entire October 4 2015 sermon, titled, “I’m A Survivor” is available on West Angeles’ Gospel On Demand.

“When you look at being a survivor…a survivor is one who has gone through great turmoil, gone through great crisis…great tragedies or dilemmas, traumas, situations, drama in their life. And at the end of the journey… they’re still living. They’re able to declare that they are a survivor.’”

“You have survived because you have learned some practices that enable you to declare, ‘I made it!’”

“A survivor…conditions themselves to make it through stormy weather, bad conditions, to make it through what the average person wouldn’t be able to handle.”

“When you look at a survivor, they condition their mind. They condition their spirit just to be able to sustain them to the end of the journey.”

“Surviving really has to do with your mind and your spirit” – Reverend Albert C. Macklin, IV

“We must be sensitive to the spirit. Church, we’ve got to learn how to have a sensitive ear to the spirit of God.”

“It’s the Spirit of God and the sensitivity of our hearts, which will minister to us in our ‘right now’ situation.”

“I hear Shirley Caesar sing that great song, ‘Lord, Please Don’t Move My Mountain’…There are some things you’re gonna have to learn how to tunnel through.”

“There’s some situation you’ve been praying for God to move, but God said, ‘I’m trying to teach you about Myself…I’m trying to teach you My Word, about My Power.’”

“A lot of us want God to be a ‘right now’ God, but I want you to know, God is not always a ‘right now’ God.”

“You’ve gotta learn to hang on in there through whatever storm may come.”

“You cannot be connected to everybody and to God at the same time” -Reverend Albert C. Macklin, IV

“A lot of times we cannot hear because of the interference. What you’re dealing with in the spiritual realm is called ‘spiritual warfare.’”

“One of the greatest areas of spiritual warfare that the believer is faced with is interference from other people.”

“You’ve got to learn that if you’re going to make it through this turmoil…you cannot be connected to everybody and to God at the same time.”

“There’s some people you’re connected to that are messing up your journey and your testimony…because there’s a transferring of spirits.”

“You’ve got to learn that it’s alright to hang out by yourself sometimes.”

“How you gonna have victory, when you’re connected to folks who are defeated?”

“How you gonna show me how to be big when little got you?” Reverend Albert C. Macklin, IV

“If don’t nobody else wanna go, you go, because God’s spoke to you.”

“You cannot look for everybody to go where God has not spoken them to.”

“Wherever God directs you to, He will protect you.”

“If you hang on in there, God’s got a way of turning things around!”

“When you’re going through the storm, remember, there is a name. And that name is Jesus.”

“I believe God!”

SCRIPTURAL REFERENCES – Acts 27:41-44, Proverbs 23:7, Psalm 46:5, Revelation 3:6.

Reverend Albert C. Macklin, IV is a COGIC son. Born the son of a COGIC pastor, he is also the brother of the Second Assistant Presiding Bishop of the Church of God In Christ, Bishop Jerry Macklin. He received a Master’s Degree in Theology from San Jose Christian College in 2004, and is an accomplished singer, songwriter, musician, and gospel recording artist.

After the passing of his father, Pastor Albert C. Macklin III, Reverend Macklin was appointed Senior Pastor of Sweet Home Temple of Deliverance in Palo Alto, CA. He has served as Sr. Executive Pastor’s Administrative Assistant, Dean of COGIC Christian Education, and many other positions within the Northern California jurisdiction.

Born with glaucoma, Reverend Macklin lost sight in one eye in 1994, and in the other in 1998, but he remains a persevering, faithful servant of the Lord. He is the husband of Lady Evelyn Macklin; a proud father of four wonderful children, and is dedicated to a life of prayer and holiness.

Reverend Macklin lives by the principle, “My way is made, my need is met, and the door is open unto me. I believe God.”

Hear Inez Andrews sing, “Lord Don’t’ Move My Mountain” below:


  • Inez Andrews’ version of “Lord Don’t Move My Mountain” made it to #48 on the Billboard R&B chart in 1973.
  • Inez Andrews was referred to as “the last great female vocalist of gospel’s golden age,” by the New York Times in 2012.
  • Fellow member from The Caravans, Pastor Shirley Caesar, once dubbed Inez Andrews as “The High Priestess” for her ability to hit high notes. She also once stated, “there never was and never will be another voice like Inez Andrews.”
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