Bishop Blake, Sheals Declares ‘There is Something In The Struggle’

For Black Lives Matter Sunday, Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake invited visionary teacher Bishop William L. Sheals to deliver the Word.

Bishop Sheals is Senior Pastor of Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church in Norcross, CA, also known as “The City of Hope.” As the accomplished author of seven books, including “Walking In Authority: Biblical Examples for Modern Times” and “Live in the spirit for Life,” Bishop Sheals is an ambassador of Reconciliation and Goodwill for Israel, and spokesman for the Global Peace Movement. He is also in an independent film producer with his own production company, “End Touch Movies.”

Bishop Sheals, who describes himself as “Bapticostal,” gave an exciting, inspiring sermon which encouraged us all to understand the purpose of struggles because of the strength and Blessings received as a result.

Some of our favorite quotes:

“Many believers have the attitude that just because they are saved and in the family of God, now God is supposed to give them everything they ever dreamed of without any effort, work or discipline on their part.”

“’Lord, I’m saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost – now give me mine. The fact is: it costs what it costs – and it never goes on sale!”

“There is something in the struggle that is necessary to becoming what God has ordained you to be.”

“Yes God wants to prosper you, but sometimes, you’re gonna have to go through something.”

“Maybe – just maybe – God left some giants in the Promised Land on purpose.”

“Giants distinguish the difference between professors and possessors.”

“When giants show up, grasshoppers get going.”

“You will never have Promised Land faith with a grasshopper mentality.”

“It costs what it costs – and it never goes on sale!” – Bishop William L. Sheals

“You get to know yourself in the struggle; the real you comes out under pressure.”

“You get to know God in the struggle; you realize that God is your only help.”

“The struggle produces thankfulness.”

“Struggles test your level of commitment.”

“The struggle qualifies you for the reward.”

“The fight; the warfare, the praying, the waiting patiently, is as important as the blessing itself.”

“Real faith is not what you can see: real faith is stepping out on nothing.”

“Faith is forged in the furnace of adversity.”

“How many of God’s people have forfeited their destiny, their promises, just because they refused to fight?”

“Be thankful today: what has made you what you are in God is because of the struggle.”

“Here’s the best thing about your struggle: it qualifies you to help others.”

“I go to somebody who’s been through something; somebody who struggled in the battle; somebody who’s been down to their last: but God restored them and brought them back.”

“The devil wants you to put all your focus on the struggle: but God wants you to realize that even though the devil sent it to take you out, God is going to use it to take you up.”

“The struggle is an instrument of transition.”

“The devil wouldn’t be fighting you if you weren’t on your way somewhere. He wouldn’t put stumbling blocks in your way… if he wasn’t afraid of you.”

“Through your struggles, God is bringing you to a place of greater influence.”

“Yes, I may be going through a struggle, but I’m also growing through my struggle!”

“I need to become what God has ordained me to become!”

“The struggle doesn’t last forever. Whatever your time of weeping is, God says that there’s unspeakable joy that comes in the morning!”

“Thank God for the victory!”

SCRIPTURAL REFERENCES – Numbers 13:25-33;  2 Corinthians 1:3-4; Matthew 11:28; Hebrews 4:11; 1 Samuel17:25.

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