How To Speak God’s Dream Over Your Life

The West Angeles Children, Youth, & Young Adult Ministries, led by Elder Lawrence Champion Blake under the leadership of Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr., took command of the Sunday, September 27, 2015 services, transforming themselves from the “New” to the “Now” Generation.

The young ladies and gentlemen forwent the customary t-shirts usually created for the occasion and instead came in fashionable, sophisticated black attire, accessorized with hats, pearls, suits and ties. A highlight of the service was a moving theatrical performance which reminded us that God’s love, and the love of His church, can deliver us from the stresses youth may face in life.

The prophetic, spirit-filled sermon of the day was delivered by guest Pastor Ryan David Sims. Inspired by Joseph’s story of adversity in Genesis 45, Pastor Sims, who is President of the State Youth Department of the First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, COGIC Southern California, admonished the congregation to, “be careful who you share your dream with. But …some of the people who are opposing you are the ones who are gonna take you to your destiny.”

This sermon, titled, “A Story My Enemies Never Expected To Hear,” can be found in its entirety at West Angeles Gospel on Demand.  Highlights from the sermon follow:

“God has deposited in you a Kingdom solution, a life-changing, ground-breaking purpose that He wants to expose for the completion of His plan. My goal is to guide you through the opposition that’s facing you, allowing you to see the value in opposition, and how it can deliver you into your destiny as you remain faithful to God and to His call.”

“There are three things your enemies forgot that God gave you, has blessed you with, that can’t be taken away: One, God has given you a purpose that no man can take. Two, God’s given you a promise that no man can take away. And inside of you, God’s given you a passion that will outlive anybody’s [narration] on your life.”

“God deposits unapologetic purpose inside of his people.”

“I’m so thankful that God gives us access to see His future before it comes.”

“If you have access to God, He’ll show you your fortune while you’re still broke. He’ll show you your healing while you’re still in the hospital. God will show you how a way will be made even though your roadblocks are still in front of you.”

“Some people would like to qualify your purpose upon your circumstance.”

“God called some street folk into the upper room…folk that would hang onto Jesus no matter what.”

“Street folk have your back no matter what you look like or what you’re going through.”

“Jesus needed to know, ‘I need people who are gonna have my back. I need the people who everyone’s counting out, because when I’m done doing my miracle…then I can get my glory.’”

“Once God puts purpose in you…your promise is the appointed time your purpose will be fulfilled” – Pastor Ryan David Sims

“When there’s something that gets in the way of our promise, it’s called ‘opposition.’ The one opposition that gets us the most is our own emotions.”

“You’ve got to tell your devil sometimes, ‘I don’t care how big and bad you think you are…I’ve got the power, and I will literally kill you in the name of Jesus!’”

“It was disobedience that took our authority way, but when Jesus came, He gave us something called faith. Faith returned us back to our authority. And the Bible literally allows us to speak and something will come to pass.”

“’If you abide in me and My Word abides in you…in other words, the only thing that’s in you is My Word. So when you speak, you’re speaking My Word. Every time My Word goes out, I have to perform everything My Word says. If My Word is in you, then every time you speak, you’re speaking what I have to do.’”

“That’s why my passion can’t be shut up, because every time I open my mouth, God has to move. Every time I rebuke the enemy…every time I speak, God has to show up…when I speak victory, it has to come because of God’s Word.”

“I dare somebody in this season of your life to just begin to open up your mouth and just start speaking what you believe God is saying to you!”

“You don’t have to wait for a prophet. If you just start opening up your mouth, I dare you to just start speaking healing over your life. If you want children to become whole, I dare you to just start speaking that they are saved, that they are sanctified, they are Holy Ghost-filled…I dare you to just start speaking what God is saying over your life.”

“Some people will tell you, ‘Be careful who you share your dream with. But watch this: some of the people who are opposing you are the ones who are gonna take you to your destiny.”

“Do you know that the Judases in your life will push you to places that, without them, you’d never get to?” – Pastor David Ryan Sims

“Keep going until it comes to pass.”

“God said this is your season to make it happen.”

“They sold [Joseph] into slavery. It was slavery that took him to Egypt. Egypt was his destiny. And so the people who hated him, literally gave him a ride into his destiny.”

“Character assassins; these are people who are going to try to discredit you just because you are good…but it got you in front of an audience that your truth couldn’t get you in front of.”

“Do you know that in the Spirit, your ratings go up every time your enemy talks about you?”

“God’s using your opposition to build you up; to strengthen you, to change you.”

“Keep talking if you want to. When my God gets done, everything’s gonna be alright.”

“There are some people in your life who are only here until they can get things from you.”

“The very ones who forgot about you, the very ones you thought put you on the back burner, I’m convinced God’s about to change their hearts and they’re gonna just wake up and remember who you are.”

“There’s a purpose that God’s trying to bring through you. So while it seems that you’ve been pushed back, by the time you turn around, you’re smack dab in front of your miracle! Just turn around and see if God doesn’t show you your miracle!”

“There’s a ‘Thank you Jesus!’ that they couldn’t destroy. There’s a ‘Praise the Lord!’ that they couldn’t stop.”

“Some of you should have gone crazy a long time ago, but just when the devil thought he had you, God stepped in and pulled you out!”

SCRIPTURAL REFERENCES: Genesis 45:1-8, John 15:7, Ecclesiastes 9:11, Philippians 4:13, Psalm 23:5.

Pastor Ryan David Sims is the President of the State Youth Department of the First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Southern California of the Church Of God In Christ, under the leadership of Bishop Joe L. Ealy. He is a visionary leader who mentors, trains and develops youth leaders from over 200 churches, guiding a new generation into comprehending the voice of God. He currently serves as Administrative Pastor for a growing inner-city congregation, The Dwelling Place Church of God in Christ, under the leadership of Senior and Co-Pastor Reginald and Althea Sims.

Pastor Sims is an entrepreneur and non-profit founder with a 20-year career in information technology management. He is currently Business Development Manager for Analysts International Development Corporation

Elder Ryan is married to the musically gifted Tenecia Sims. Together they have five beautiful children.