Staff Spotlight

Brenda James

West Angeles has always been a beacon of spirituality as the flagship church within the Church of God In Christ.

West Angeles has also been an institution in the Crenshaw community, and over the years, the church has been known for the timeless teachings of Bishop Charles E. Blake Sr., as well as its rockin’ choirs and generation-defining vocal talents.

We know the support system of every organization are its people, this being no less accurate at West Angeles. The often unseen backbone of West Angeles is its staff.

There are 150 staff members at West Angeles, who come from various backgrounds. Some are banking executives, some are community organizers, and some are musicians, chefs or actors, who have come from far and wide to add value and make West Angeles the vanguard ministry it is today.

The goal of the STAFF SPOTLIGHT series is to shed light on the people who do the tireless work of making West Angeles the impeccable house of worship that it is year after year.

Brenda James

For us mere mortals, the dictionary is probably the only place we can find ‘money’ whenever we look for it. But for Brenda James, West Angeles’ controller, she’s been charged with the task of managing the dollars in spite of all of us!

Brenda is strong, Holy Ghost-filled, extremely detail-oriented, and won’t let a receipt out of her sight. Her ability to execute has never been more valuable than it is now, as we endeavor to build the Family Life Center.

Here are five facts about Brenda James from Brenda James:

  • Two Decades at West Angeles

    “My faith is in God as He blessed me with Pentecostal Holy Ghost-filled parents. I accepted Christ at a young age. He led me to join West Angeles in 2001 with my family.”

  • Family First

    “The Lord brought me Deacon Len Syas and we have been married for 24 years. We have three children – Justin, Tiffany, and Chynna – that are saved by His Grace.”

  • Financial Expertise

    “My finances are provided by my Savior through granting me the strength to obtain my MBA degree and becoming a Certified Management Accountant and gracing me with the wonderful position of Controller at West Angeles Church.”

  • Good Fortune

    “My fortune is in trusting in Jesus to lead and guide my steps through the thick and thin, and knowing He will always provide and protect, and use evil for good.”

  • The Future Awaits!

    ‘I believe that my Heavenly Father will one day in the future open the doors for my husband and I to lead a Marriage Ministry.”