Stand Up and Be Counted – Complete the 2020 Census

West Angeles Family – it’s time to stand and be counted! Let’s go through everything you need to know about the 2020 United States Census:

Greetings From Lady Mae!

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Lady Mae L. Blake sends her warmest greetings to the Saints during West Angeles’ Resurrection Sunday online service on April 12, 2020!

Bishop Blake: Why We Need To Pray

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Prayer was one of the central activities of the life of Jesus Christ. It was the one thing that Jesus never forgot to do. Whether He’d find himself in the midst of victory or in the midst of trials, Jesus always prayed.

Celebrating Women’s History Month


Women played an important role in the earliest years of Christianity. The Bible richly confirms the value of women, and many women can provide us with spiritual insights through the choices they made in their lives. Though these God-fearing women have lived in a completely different era, they can serve as role models.