The Mother Of South Africa

“I will not allow the selfless efforts of my husband and his friends to be abandoned. I will continue the struggle for a free and equal South Africa.”
– 1962

“To those who oppose us, we say, ‘Strike the woman, and you strike the rock’.”
– 1966

“It is only when all black groups, join hands and speak with one voice that we shall be a bargaining force which will decide its own destiny.”
– 1976

“If you are to free yourselves you must break the chains of oppression yourselves. Only then can we express our dignity, only when we have liberated ourselves can we co-operate with other groups. Any acceptance of humiliation, indignity or insult is acceptance of inferiority.”
– 1976


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Winnie Mandela – South African liberator and wife of the late Nelson Mandela – died on Monday in Johannesburg at age 81.

According to reports, she had been battling illness since the beginning of 2018.

Madikizela-Mandela, who often fought the notion of solely being the wife of Nelson Mandela, said in a past interview, “I am not [Nelson] Mandela’s product. I am the product of the masses of my country and the product of my enemy.”

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