Technology Brings Ministry to You

“We use technology not only to stay relevant, but importantly–to advance the Kingdom” Bishop Charles E. Blake

In the ever growing age of modern technology, many Pastors and ministry leaders have asked, “how can we use this tool in ministry to advance the Kingdom?” The conversation that follows is usually full of speculation and theoretical ideas that end up being bad ideas, impractical, or at least not as good as a system or tool that’s currently in place. But if the correct definition of tool is: a device used to carry out a particular business or function, it is safe to say that technology–and the various forms of it, is simply an agent deployed by the church to deliver the business of ministry.

The West Angeles Web Team can recount in 2008, on the first roll out of WebTV, a 24/7 video on demand portal, the controversial topic was somehow,  the internet was the devil!  Anything new is simply different and sometimes using a new technology tool in ministry feels somewhat forced at first — like we feel a need to make this tool useful somehow.  “Using technology in ministry for the sake of using technology is the wrong perspective,” says West Angeles Chief Operations Officer, Gladys Ross, “but staying important and on trend coupled with the need to advance ministry is something Bishop has charged me and if I didn’t…well, I’d be out of a job!” Gladys Ross is the overseer of the West Angeles Web Team that consists of Online Minister Elder Manuel Thomas, Web Master Evan Farmer, Content Manager Antoinette R. Banks, Graphic Designer Tunde Benson, Video Editor Isis Roberts, Social Media Anaylst Shenee Brown, Writer Resheida Brady, Karen Lascaris, and Antoinette Russell. “I try to use technology as much as it suits me both for this business of ministry and for my personal life. It’s something you ought not be afraid of, but welcome home like a relative on Christmas morning.”

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Here at West Angeles, an online visitor has the capacity to translate the website into 50 different languages, 24/7 access to inspirational videos, technical support, opportunities to tune into a live service on Westa.TV or download sermons taught in the renown West Angeles cathedral.   While West Angeles is taking new strides to advance the kingdom using technology there are alway ways to improve.  Web Master Evan Farmer says, “I have a philosophy behind why I do anything. 1 Corinthians 1:27 says, But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong’ so yes, technology can appear to be foolish, but through God’s grace–this technology can deliver a sermon to a nation that needs to be healed.”

Speaking of new releases, the web team has just launched the NEW shop site where you can download all of Bishop Charles E. Blake’s sermon’s and have implemented MOBILE STREAMING.

If you would like to see something new on West Angeles, simply type in your commentary below–I’m sure it will be a matter of moments until it’s created!

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