The College Admissions Scandal: 3 Key Takeaways All Students Should Know

By Deacon John Wilson, III

Last week, we all learned about “Operation Varsity Blues,” the Department of Justice investigation that led to the takedown of William Singer’s corrupt college consulting business known as “The Key.” Singer guided parents to persons in his nefarious organization who would help to falsify SAT scores and/or athletic achievement of their young people so that he or she could attend an “elite” or “well-known” college.  

Many believe that the biggest story here is “white privilege.” However, there are other very important things to be learned by parents considering what college their youth will pick. There are three major things that parents and students should take away from the college admissions scandal.


Parents, please consider the three points below as you consider college admission options for your youth:

  1. The NAME of a college does not make a youth successful. In my 21 years of work, I have seen successful students attend and graduate from all types of colleges. I have also watched students struggle in life who attended and even graduate from many well-known colleges.  The “Operation Varsity Blues” scandal reminds us that students should attend colleges that are best for them and are not in any way promoting the parents’ “image” or reputation. When parents start thinking the correct way about this concept, they can avoid the “prison and punishment” of 4-5 years of excessive parental loan debt. That prison is just as bad as the one that some of the “Operation Varsity Blues” parents will see!

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The College Admissions Scandal: 3 Key Take-Aways All Students Should Know – Hard work is essential for success.

2. There is no substitute for hard work. Students should always pursue the college they earn, not just the one they want. This means that they should not get their “school of choice” just because it exists and because they want it. Proverbs 14:12 says, “There is a way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof is the path of death.” The enemy comes in with the temptation of shortcuts; however, high grades and high SAT Scores must be earned through hard work. At the West Angeles Education and Enrichment Program, we have a great Homework Club as well as a great Princeton Review SAT Prep Program which helps students affordably achieve desired grades and scores. Our program is a very good way for your youth to work toward and successfully obtain an affordable college education. You do not need an expensive college consultant to do so!

3. Athletes’ access to college admissions at selective colleges will become more difficult if the student-athletes’ High School performance and SAT/ACT scores are not adequate. This will occur with the “non-money” sports where the corruption of the Varsity Blues scandal was centered, such as Crew, Tennis, Water Polo, and others.


The West Angeles Church Education and Enrichment Ministry Program offers participating youth mentoring programs such as college admissions prep, college counseling, after-school and summer math, science, and writing enrichment programs, and many other exceptionally high-quality educational offerings. In conjunction with our partner, The Princeton Review TM, The West Angeles EEP also offers low-cost SAT preparation and high school course requirement informational seminars to assist youth and their parents with all phases of the college admission process. at a significantly reduced cost. 

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