Tommy tiny Lister

In Loving Memory of Thomas Tiny Lister Jr.

Sunrise: June 24, 1958 – Sunset: December 10, 2020

Longtime West Angeles member Thomas Lister Jr. – affectionately known as ‘Tiny’ – passed away on Thursday. He was 62.

Lister’s nickname was a play on his size, considering he actually stood at 6’5″, towering over those around him on most occasions.

He became famous for his role as Deebo in the Friday comedy franchise, which starred the likes of Ice Cube, Katt Williams, Mike Epps, and fellow COGIC member Chris Tucker, among others.

Deebo served as the neighborhood bully in the Friday films, and to this day, ‘Deebo’ can be used as a reference to a large, intimidating individual.

However, Lister was anything but intimidating in real life and within the West Angeles community, known far and wide for his warm and welcoming demeanor.

West Angeles Church extends its thoughts and prayers to Lister’s family and loved ones.

Christmas at the Cathedral 2019: Christ Tucker & Thomas ‘Tiny’ Lister

Earvin “Magic” Johnson and others shared their condolences on Twitter.

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