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Time For a Shift: Accelerate Into Your Destiny

Simon T. Bailey rocked West Angeles as the guest speaker on July 14, 2019.  His presentation was part of the celebration of Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. and First Lady Mae L. Blake’s 50th Anniversary in ministry, which West Angeles is celebrating all year long. The former Disney exec was also in town for the CREW Ministry’s wonderful B.L.O.O.M. Luncheon on July 13.

Bailey’s dynamic presentation titled “It’s Time For A Shift” focused on Jeremiah 29:11.  Said Bailey, “When you begin to pay attention to what God wants to do in you, it causes a shift to come about. West Angeles, this is the hour. This is the day.”

Highlights from the sermon are below –

“I’ve been praying and asking God what I am to share with West Angeles, and the Lord dropped in my spirit, ‘It is time for your shift… ‘S.H.I.F.T.’ stands for: ‘See How I Fit Tomorrow Today.’”

“Whenever God is about to release you into a new destiny, you will come to a place where you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

 “You’ll begin to  wake up in the wee hours of the morning…not because you were thirsty or hungry, but there was a thirst  and a hunger in your soul.”

“When you begin to pay attention to what God wants to do in you, it causes a shift to come about…No longer will you have to stand and wait for something to happen, you’re getting ready to make something happen. Those working against you are no longer working against you.”

“God has a plan with your name on it” – Simon T. Bailey

“Some of you have been sitting on the sidelines long enough…God is calling you out of the stands into the field of opportunity.”

“Some of you are about to step into unusual assignments. Some of you are getting ready to step into deal flow…No longer will you chase deals: deals will chase you.”  

“[For] some of you, in 7 – 21 days, everything is about to align on your behalf.”

“When you’re out alignment you’re out of flow.  When you’re out of flow, you’re out of your season.  When you’re out of your season you’re out of timing.”

Dynamic breakthrough strategist Simon T. Bailey rocked the house at West Angeles, 7-14-2019.

“Encoded in your DNA was the brilliance of God that was to be revealed in the earth” – Simon T. Bailey

“Some of you sitting in this room today: your name is about to be called.  Your proposal that’s been sitting at the bottom of the pile, forgotten about?  Someone is about to pull that proposal out, blow the dust off, and something is about to shift on your behalf.”

“When God causes a shift and you show up, people will say, ‘Who are you? Where did you come from?  Who are your people?’” 

“We have a certain standard and a way that things are done.   But no longer will you have to kiss up and bow down to the system…God is about to super-accelerate you into your destiny.”

“Anybody that can plan the birth death and resurrection of His son is a planner.”

“God revealed in your life, in the form of a gift, talent, skill, or ability, from the time you were a seed in mother’s womb: [that] encoded in your DNA was the brilliance of God that was to be revealed in the earth.”

“The way up is down. I will spend time on my knees asking God how and what I should do” – Simon T. Bailey

“The reason you were not born into the 18th century is because you were not needed.  The reason exist in the 21st century is because it’s a set-up: God has a plan with your name on it!”

“When you are in an environment that celebrates you… and you are operating in the genius of God, you begin to say, ‘I am not here to compete against you, I’m here to complete you;  I’m here to complete the plan of God.’”

“The way up is down. I will spend time on my knees asking God how and what I should do instead of buying into the culture that says I should embrace self-guided Christianity.”

jeremiah 29 and 11 for I know the plans I have for you plans for welfare and not evil plans for a future and a hope 

“Christians should be the best in life and in business” – Simon T. Bailey

“Create a strategic life plan.  In 10 years, you will be older: but will you be better?”

“Before this month ends, I’m encouraging everyone to sit down with your family and ask,  ‘Where do I want to be 1 year? In 3 years? In 5 years? Spiritually, financially, and health-wise?’”

“A paycheck is given to those who just show up.  Opportunities are given to those think beyond what they are paid to do.”

“For those of you who work for someone else, from today forward, you are now the CEO of ‘YOU, INC.’”

“That company that gives you a paycheck is now your client.  See your boss as a blessing because the plan that God has is about to shift you.”

“I believe God is raising up an entrepreneurial  generation that will begin to create jobs and become a solution to the problem.”

“The most important question you can ask yourself today is, ‘What problem have I been created to solve?’  Because when you begin to solve problems, you become a solution.”

“God is about to super-accelerate you into your destiny” – Simon T. Bailey

“Build relationships for life.  The quality of your life is dependant on the quality of your relationships.” 

“Relationship is not about what we can get, but about what we can give.”

“What will cause the church to explode during this shift is meaning and connection.”

 “West Angeles…this is the hour. This is the day!”

“Upgrade your thinking with the Holy Ghost. Be the spark and shine for Jesus.” 

Simon T. Bailey is a Breakthrough Strategist whose life’s purpose is to teach 1 billion+ people how to be fearless and to create their futures. Simon has been named one of the top 25 people who will help you reach your business and life goals by SUCCESS magazine. He is the author of 10 books including his most recent release, “Be the SPARK: Five Platinum Service Principles for Creating Customers for Life.”  Simon holds a Master’s degree from Faith Christian University and was inducted as an honorary member of the University of Central Florida Golden Key Honor Society. When he is not working, Simon spends quality time with his two active teenagers. 

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