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Kimberly Briggs, Director of the Children’s Ministry
Dr. Judith McAllister, Director of Music & Worship Arts

West Angeles is creating its first virtual Children’s Choir! 


Creating a user-generated choir has become a global phenomenon that brings together singers throughout the world with the use of technology. Each singer will generate their own video and we will synchronize it into one single performance, thus creating a virtual choir.


As children and families practice social distancing, this will give them something creative to do with their phones, tablets or laptops. All you need is up to date technology, headphones and VOILA! 


We can make this a masterpiece!


In an effort to protect you and your child’s rights, each parent or guardian will need to give us consent to use the recorded footage you submit by completing the form below. 


Here’s what you can expect once you complete the consent form above:

  1. You will receive an email with the music for your child to learn.

  2. Once your child is confident with the music, you can record on your phone, tablet or laptop.

  3. You will be given a link where you can upload the file.

  4. You will receive a confirmation via email once your file has been successfully uploaded.

  5. You will be notified when the synchronization is finished and the full participant video is ready!

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West Angeles Virtual Children's Choir graphic
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Autism, Parenting and COVID-19

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Because the COVID-19 pandemic is uniquely impacting my family, I understand that many people with autism and their families are also directly affected. Whether it is a disruption in therapy services, closures in school or extracurricular activity closures, this pandemic is fluid and developing further.