Power & Christianity

WATCH NOW: Power & Christianity

On Sunday, May 6th, 2018, our Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. delivered a powerful message titled “Power & Christianity”.  In his sermon, Bishop Blake uses Christian Apologetics, the formal defense of the Christian faith against doctrinal error, misrepresentation and various objections,  to address the recent attacks on Christianity which have swept our nation. 

You may be aware of the fact that the devil has recently launched an attack against the faith of the church”, said Bishop.  “One who has said that the Bible is not right is saying there’s no heaven; there’s no hell…that Jesus is not the Son of God.  One who preached the gospel is now denying the truth of the gospel, sowing confusion across the nation… But the Word of God is still right.”

If you missed’s Bishop Blake’s visionary sermon titled “Power & Christianity” you may view it in its entirety below. 

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