Above all else, West Angeles is about its members.

Bishop Blake’s extended family is a massive one, and each weekend, thousands join Bishop in the pews of WestA.

And with the WestA HUMANKIND series, we aspire to give those same family members a voice.

Each weekend, will gather pictures and commentary from WestA members and WestA visitors, answering questions regarding their experience at West Angeles, what Bishop’s message meant to them, what has caused them to stay with WestA over the years, and other topics.

Check back each week to see what the people of WestA are talking about and what they’re going through, as they share their story with



Did you get what you came for today?

“Yes. I wanted to know how much God loves me and what He can do for me. He can do whatever. Things you can’t even think of, He can do.”




Why’s it important to bring your little girl to church at such a young age?

“I think it’s important for her to have a foundation for the rest of her life. It’s important to start her early.”

Anything stick out for you in today’s message?

“It was actually hard for me to hear the message because I had to take her to the cry room today.”




“I came here today for a blessing from the word of God and from Bishop, and I truly got it. That’s why I’m skipping out of here, because I can take that word with me as my new armor and get ready for whatever I’m going to go through the rest of the week.”




Did you get what you came to church for today?

“We feel really blessed to come to church. We have some upcoming issues, so it makes us feel at peace and calm. It’s a blessing to listen to Bishop.”




What’s the focus of the book you wrote?

“My book is about following your dreams, despite the obstacles. It’s based on biblical principles. I believe that if you follow your dreams based upon the word, that you should see results.”

How did Bishop help inspire your work?

“He is always so straightforward, and he believes in progress and results. He believes in expecting miracles and so do I. I was paralyzed for three months and I couldn’t walk. Now, I get my step on. I know what it’s like to believe in miracles. Doctors gave up on me when I was nine weeks old and I turn 42 at the end of this month.”

What happened when you were paralyzed?

“I woke up one morning and I just couldn’t move them. This was in 2005. Nobody could explain the condition for a few months. I went to physical therapy and I just told them they need to work something out. And a couple of months later, God worked it out through them.”




What did you come to church for today and did you get it?

“Of course. I always get what I come for, every Sunday. Thank God for that.”

Anything today that stuck out for you?

“The songs are always beautiful. And whenever Bishop is talking, it’s like he’s talking to me. Every time I come, it’s an inspiration. I love my church.”




Why’s it important to bring your son to church with you?

“The Bible says that you teach your child the way and they will not depart from it. That’s what I believe in, that’s how I was raised, and I want Ethan to have God as the head of his life.”




What did you think about the service today?

“This is my second time coming. I came with my boyfriend. I think it’s great. I have my own church that I go to, so I’m a bit biased.”

I take it it’s not as big as West Angeles?

“No, it’s quite small. The teaching styles are different, and there is nothing wrong with either, but I’m just used to my pastor. That’s all.”




“Without God, you don’t have anything, especially in a relationship.”




(Man on the left)

“I’ve been coming here since I was a kid.”

What’s made you stick with West Angeles over the years?

“It’s just the consistency of the ministry. Seeing the leadership from Bishop and how it falls to everyone else. The consistency of the relationships you build with other people. And just God calling you to be in a certain place at a certain time. Those are the reasons I’m still here.”




“My friend and I, we’re both from New York. When we left, I moved to Florida and she moved here. And I hadn’t seen her in a few months, so I needed to come out here.”

So is this your first time visiting West Angeles?

“Yes. Every Sunday, I need Jesus and that’s why I’m here. I loved it. I wish you guys had caught me on camera inside. I go to a church of God in Christ, too, so this was just like home for me.”




What is it about wearing your best when you come to church?

“You always want to give your best to the Lord. He’s blessed us with His very best, which is His son Jesus. I want to glorify His name with the beauty that He’s given to us.”

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