WEST ANGELES: What Does Your Church Mean To You?

What does West Angeles mean to me? West Angeles is my power strip. It’s a power strip with many outlets, plugged into the Source – and the Source is God.

I’ve heard Bishop Blake say several times: I see you in the future, and you look much better than you do right now. I receive that every time I hear it. Then I ask myself, Kyra, how will you get better? It’s not going to happen just because time passes. How will I study to show myself approved? How will I effectively evangelize the next time I’m approached at the gas station or at the market? How will I exercise the fruits of the Spirit and not fall prey to the frustrations of life? The answer is –

I must be in a relationship with God.

How do I do that? By studying His Word, and by assembling with the saints.


Elder Charles II often says during Sunday service, “We miss you when you’re not here – your presence matters.”  I’ve personalized that. I take the time to get to know the people I sit near every Sunday, and I’m amazed at the genuine kindness and the expressions of God’s love that surround me. Some of the most brilliant and effective kingdom builders are sitting right in our rows or right across the way, and they are some of the most humble people you will ever meet. There’s power in that.

West Angeles is a giving church by design – just look at all of the ministries and auxiliaries that exist.  Each one represents an outlet in my power strip; all of them represent the light we are called to be. Every time I’m here, every time I read God’s Word, I am reminded to be the light: and I’m inspired by that.

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Next, I plugged into the Sunday School Department. I’ve been a student in the Virtuous Women’s Bible Study class for 7 years. We are a multigenerational group of real women who discuss real issues, and we seek God’s voice in all of them.

Then, I plugged into the Christian Education Department and took Systematic Theology with Dr. Oscar Owens.  I had never taken a college-level bible class before, and this class completely changed how I thought about God. Just these two outlets have been life-enriching for me. I no longer just say “hi and goodbye” to familiar faces, but I’ve now built real relationships where mutual respect has formed.  


West Angeles prepares us all for the world we face today and, Lord willing, in times beyond. Therefore, with all of the political issues and social injustices that exist, be encouraged, because we will not be consumed. We will STAND with our armor on. We will always be ready to defend the hope that is within us. We will be the light.

Thank you, West Angeles, for inspiring me to grow in Christ and for being such a warm and encouraging church family.West Angeles LOGO

Kyra Locke is a long-time member of West Angeles COGIC. She can now add “missionary” to her list of West Angeles benefits, after recently completing her first mission trip to Kenya with West Angeles’ World Missions Department (main photo). She is an actress, wife, and mother of 3-year-old Elijah.  

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